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Battletoads Returning in 2019 With New Game

Battletoads 2019

A new game in the series has finally been announced, as Battletoads is coming to the Xbox One at some point in 2019. Microsoft made the announcement at its E3 2018 press conference, with a short teaser trailer.

Just like the original games, this new one will have a focus on co-op, with up to three players to take on the game and its various challenges together. It’s also been said that the game will encompass multiple genre types throughout, but it’s not clear which genres those will actually be.

As someone who spent many hours playing the SEGA games featuring Battletoads, I’m glad to see the series make a return in modern times.

Not many details about the game are known at this time. We know from the trailer that the game will use a 2.5D art style, with a full 4K HD resolution. It’s an interesting combination, but we don’t get to see it in action, so we’ll just have to assume that it translates to what is essentially an updated visual style of the SEGA games.

Whatever studio is involved, and whether the original series music composer David Wise, will work on the game, it should be wonderful to return to one of my favorite retro game franchises from my childhood.

Check out the trailer for Battletoads 2019 below. Battletoads will launch in 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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