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Battlefield V brings new chapter to War in the Pacific with Wake Island

Battlefield V Wake Island

DICE has just dropped some new content highlighting the future of Battlefield V and the Pacific War series that’s currently raging in-game. Battlefield V had already massively expanded gameplay offerings with its debut of the Tides of War DLC series, culminating in the massive game mode that is Firestorm that catches onto the battle royale trend with a much grittier feel. With the next patch, version 5.2, the development team is continuing the trend from previous content while also expanding the nonsense and chaos to new heights.

DICE and EA have made a habit of showcasing historical moments in Battlefield V, with major conflicts taking center stage. Operation Mercury got its own map already. Now we’re getting another major turning point in WW2 being depicted in the game, with the launch of the Wake Island map. This is pulled right from Battlefield 1942, and fans are sure to love it. The landscape has been reworked from its original variant though, offering a wider area to fool around in. The flat areas of the map works great for vehicles. Since it’s an island, there are also plenty of opportunities for you to utilize watercraft during battle. There’s also tons of vegetation to hide in.

Historically, Wake Island was a small airbase outpost that Japanese forces attacked both the day of, and the days following, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The aim of the attack was to seize the strategic location to further attempt to cripple the American attempts to project power in the Pacific. Fewer than 600 American soldiers, sailors and civilians fought back multiple amphibious landings and aerial bombing raids before relief arrived weeks later. More than 100 Americans and 700 Japanese lost their lives. The map in the game will likely have a less somber tone, but it’s still meant to be deferential to this historically important moment.

In addition to the new Wake Island map, there’s so much more coming to Battlefield V in the patch. For one thing, full custom matches are coming to the game. Private servers are coming to Battlefield V in the form of Community Games. With Community Games, you can create a playlist of your favorite maps and game modes. This is one of those heavily requested features that the fanbase will be ecstatic to finally get their hands on.

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Here’s the full list of features coming to Community Games when the feature launches:

 Community Games Feature Set

  • Create, delete, update, and name one or several configurations
  • Create and join a Community Game
  • Automatically generated server name
  • Choose game size (16, 32, 64)
  • Choose how many rounds the server should play (max 20)
  • Choose the mode
  • Choose the maps
  • Choose a password (between 3-8 characters)
  • Choose the pre-round size (how many players are needed to break out of pre-round) → Minimum of four up to whatever the game size dictates
  • Kick players from the server
  • Ban and manage banned players (session only)
  • Special Community Games filter in Advanced Search

Along with this new mode and all of the other changes, the developer is also introducing a slew of balance tweaks. Also new weapons are coming too. The BAR 1918A2, the Type 97 MG, the Nambu Type 2A, and the M3 Grease Gun are all finally coming to the FPS in this next patch. And yes, a ton of bug fixes are also due in the update.

The list of updates and fixes is so massive that we cannot even include them all here. There’s way too much to go through point for point, just read them over on the official site. The new patch drops on December 12th.

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