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Bandai Namco tease new horror game, Domas

Domas Teaser

Domas is a new horror game that’s coming out some time in the future from Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco recently teased the new game in a very strange way, via a new website with a looping image.

All that exists of Domas so far is this website, a static image of a house with a slowly moving orange sky. That image is of a seemingly abandoned house with a eerily orange sky as a backdrop. The house, if it’s the setting of the actual game, probably isn’t abandoned and is likely a source of endless torment and horror. We’ll just have to wait until release to find out exactly what’s going on here.

There’s not much to go on, so enterprising gamers started digging. Users took to crawling the meta data of the site, and found more clues buried in the code.

“A mysterious website appears?” the site description reads. “This summer, what will happen…”

There’s also a date contained within the teaser loop that shows the date August 30th. Maybe the formal announcement of what this strange game is will happen then.

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