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Author R.A. Salvatore pens Epic questline for Neverwinter


The Neverwinter team will be hosting a special live stream Q&A with R.A. Salvatore, author of some of the most iconic books based in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Neverwinter’s next expansion will be sending players into the Underdark, home of Drizzt Do’Urden. Mr. Salvatore has written an entire quest line that will be featured in the Underdark.

As we know, many of our adventurers have traveled across an eternity of campaigns in D&D, so our live stream will be a Q&A session for and by the community. We’ve heard many a tale of how Salvatore’s stories have inspired or changed your lives, which makes us all the more excited to host this stream. This is your chance to not only ask any questions you may have about his novels, characters or writing process, but also a chance to show him how far his influence has reached.

The event will be hosted on the Perfect World Twitch channel on Tuesday, September 22nd. The time is not yet revealed so we will keep you posted.

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