Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash 2020 event details

Holo-Day Bash

The Holo-Day Bash 2020 is coming out tomorrow, let’s talk about what’s coming. The event does have a bunch of stuff from last year in this time, but there are some new elements as well. The event begins at 9 am PT, 1 pm ET, and 5 pm GMT on December 1. Apex Legends’ Christmas event will feature a unique game mode, new skins and some other stocking stuffer goodies. The event will end on Monday, January 4, 2021, and all the new stuff goes with it.

Holo-Day Bash 2020 event limited-time mode

The Winter Express limited-time mode returns for 2020’s iteration of the Holo-Day Bash. The mode is the same as last year, with a round-based game mode where three squads have to battle for control points on a moving train. The train blasts around the map in each round. During the intermission between rounds, the winning team will take control of the train and try to defend it from the other two squads.

Over the following rounds, players will be getting supply drops and other things to brawl over. The squads that get eliminated will have to sit out until the next round. This gives losing teams time to plan an approach on how to take back the Winter Express in the future rounds.

And though that’s mostly the same from last year, something new has been added. The map now features a new stop on the track—a train station called Derailment—that changes the dynamic of the game. This new stop allows players to flank around the map and get some new positions on the defending team. And with the new Legends Loba, Revenant, Rampart, and Horizon joining the fray, things are about to get very interesting.

Holo-Day Bash 2020 event rewards

New skins and cosmetics will be added to the game to give players something new to chase. The rewards system will give out skins and other rewards as you play, so just keep checking in. The star rewards this time around are the Loba, Revenant, and Spitfire Legendary skins. which are all brand new.

Login Rewards are back this year. A Holo-Day Holo-Spray that can be used with any legend, and the Holo-Day Bash music pack from 2019 will be given out via this method.

Holo-Day Bash Music Pack

Holo-Day Bash

Image via Respawn

Prize Tracker Rewards

The Prize Tracker Rewards are stuffed full of holiday cheer during the event in 2020. As you score points, you unlock various rewards by redeeming said points. Horizon and Bloodhound’s skins are the big items, but there are a few other nice things in the pack this time around.

  • 10% XP Boosts for 750, 1,500 and 3,000 points
  • Mirage Stat Trackers for 500, 2,500 and 3,500 points
  • Frostwolf Weapon Charm – 1,000 points
  • Solstice Rare Bloodhound Skin – 2,000 points
  • Absolute Zero Epic Horizon Skin –  4,000 points

Various badges are also being given out. You will earn some Holo-Day Bash 2020 badges for kills, as well as earning points. Here’s the full list of badges detailed so far:

  • Holo-Day Bash 2020: 250 points on the Prize Tracker
  • Pain Train Conductor: 10,000 damage on Winter Express
  • Ticket Puncher: 100 kills on Winter Express
  • Holo-Day Survivor: Capture the train or be the last squad alive 100 times on Winter Express
  • Holo-Day Master: Get all of the other badges
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