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Another NBA 2K20 trailer shows off The Next Neighborhood modes

NBA 2K20 The Neighborhood Trailer

Another new trailer has been revealed for NBA 2K20. This one isn’t as insulting as another that we covered today, as it actually focuses on gameplay, just not of the kind basketball fans might want. The newly revealed Neighborhood will include a lot more than just sports, offering some more unique experiences outside of on-the-court action.

This new mode also has added gameplay options like the new Show-Off Stick. This new control option sort of mimics the Hit Sticks from EA titles offering a more flavored form of ball control that allows players to make buckets more stylish.

NBA 2K20 will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 6th. Check out the trailer for the online mode down below.

The big focus with this game mode, at least judging by the trailer, is building a social mode that’s more at home in an online game than a sports title. It’s not too shocking that 2K and Take Two are pushing for a more varied experience though, even when the more egregious gambling mechanics are front and center in other modes.

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In contrast, Neighborhood is a social lobby that features both 3v3 basketball and a ton of mini-games. The developer will also use the community elements to skin the area for different holidays and events in-game. The mini-games will feature things like trike racing, frisbee skill challenges, and treasure hunts, and many more types of activities.

The 3v3 basketball will also be fleshed out with a variety of rewards and grinding for players to do and eat up their time. NBA 2K20 will have a variety of systems built around the concept of  Park Rep. Players who win games, both of basketball and the mini-games, will earn this currency that can then be used to deck out your home court.

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