Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cooking Recipes

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ 2.0 update has dropped a full 2 days early, as Nintendo let Christmas come early. There are a ton of new features being added in this update. There’s the new resort island content, where you can bring new visitors to a special vacation spot.  The new patch also has a bird-brained new pal in Brewster, who can be invited to your island.

One of the biggest new additions is the inclusion of cooking in the game. You can cook meals for you and your villagers now, it’s great. Each recipe uses a few new ingredients, added in the patch. The player needs to visit Harv’s island to buy the new plant starts. You then need to grow the crops to maturity to use them.

You can grow items like wheat and sugarcane to make flour and sugar, which can be used in many recipes. There are even new DIY Recipes you can use to make cooking-capable kitchen items. A new stone kitchen set can be made to cook these recipes. When you have a cooking appliance, go over and choose the Let’s Cook option to begin making a recipe.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Cooking Recipes

Here is a  list of all Anime Crossing: New Horizons cooking recipes:

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Recipe Ingredients
Aji Fry Horse Mackerel x1
Flour x1
Brown sugar Sugarcane x5
Brown-sugar cupcakes Whole-wheat flour x1
Brown sugar x1
Carrot cake Flour x1
Sugar x1
Carrot x1
Carrot potage Flour x1
Carrot x2
Cherry smoothie Cherry x2
Flour Wheat x5
Gnocchi di patate Flour x2
Potato x3
Grilled sea bass with herbs Sea bass x1
Clump of weeds x5
Karei no Nitsuke Dab x1
Minestrone soup Tomato x2
Potato x2
Carrot x1
Mushroom Salad Round mushroom x1
Flat mushroom x1
Skinny mushroom x1
Organic bread Whole-weat flour x3
Orange smoothie Orange x2
Pancakes Flour x2
Sugar x2
Peach smoothie Peach x2
Pear smoothie Pear x2
Pesce All’acqua Pazza Red Snapper x1
Tomato x1
Manila Clam x1
Pumpkin bagel sandwich Flour x2
Orange pumpkin x3
Sauteed Olive Flounder Olive flounder x1
Skinny mushroom x1
Sea bass pie Sea bass pie x1
Seaweed soup Seaweed x2
Sugar Sugarcane x5
Tomato curry Flour x3
Tomato x3
Tomato puree Tomato x3
Veggie sandwich Flour x2
Tomato x1
Carrot x1
Whole-wheat flour Wheat x5

How to Unlock all Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cooking Recipes

To get these recipes, you need to unlock the two recipe upgrades. For starters, you need to get a fully upgraded Resident Services and unlock the Nook Stop.

When you’re sitting in a fully upgraded Resident Services, you need to head over to the Nook Stop terminal. Open it up and look at the list of available upgrades. You need to purchase the Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+ upgrade to get cooking recipes in ANCH. This will cost you 2,000 Nook Miles. You then need to head over to Nook’s Cranny and open the cabinet to the side of the fully upgraded store. There’s a new Basic Recipes Book item in there. Buy that for 4,980 Bells to unlock all the new DIY Recipes. You can now go out, farming and cooking to your heart’s content.

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