All Warcraft 3: Reforged hotkeys

Warcraft 3: Reforged

Warcraft 3: Reforged is the reincarnation of the titan of the RTS genre that is Warcraft 3, with all of the new bells and whistles. The game features all 7 campaigns from the base game and the expansion. There’s even an option to switch between classic and reforged graphical modes. If you’re getting into Warcraft 3: Reforged for the first time, it might help to make sure your rig is up to snuff. Check out the system requirements for Warcraft 3: Reforged to find out.

When you’re playing Warcraft 3: Reforged, you do not want to waste any time as you’re playing a real-time strategy game, so you need to spend every second doing something important. A great way to not waste time is to not solely rely on your mouse to lead you to victory but to use your hotkeys. You will get behind when fighting opponents who have memorized every hotkey, and they can swiftly order their troops around the map if you only use your mouse.

There are two sets of hotkeys that you need to know: Menu commands and Game commands.

Menu commands – They are all the interacting with your game, to save it, load a new game, activate the help menu, toggling the sound, etc.

Game commands – They are all about controlling your armies, your heroes, selecting idle units, tell your heroes how to act and much much more.

Menu Commands
Here are all the menu commands available to you.

Hotkey What it does
Alt + F4 or Alt + Q Exit Warcraft 3: Reforged
Alt + O Open Options Menu
Alt + S Open the Save Menu
Alt + L Open the Load Menu
Alt + H Open the Help Menu
Ctrl + M Toggle Music on/off
Ctrl + S Toggle SFX on/off
Esc Go back a menu
F9 Toggle Quest Log on/off
F10 Toggle the Game Menu on/off
F11 Toggle the Allies Menu on/off
F12 Toggle the Chat Menu on/off

Game Commands

Here are all the game commands available to you.

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Hotkeys What it does
Alt (hold) Override formation movement during an action
Arrow Keys Scroll game view
Backspace Cycle through town center buildings
Ctrl (hold) Send an order to currently active subgroup
Ctrl + Any Number Assign selected units to a group
Ctrl + C or Alt + C Center on the selected unit (portrait at the bottom)
Ctrl + Enter Send a message to allies only
Ctrl + Selected Unit Select all units of that type
Delete Rotate the camera to the right
Enter Open the game message system
Esc Cancel commands
F1 to F7 Select heroes. Press twice to center on them
F8 Select idle workers. Press twice to center on them
Insert Rotate the camera to the left
Middle Mouse Button Hold down to scroll the game view
Mouse Wheel Down or Page Down Zoom in the game camera
Mouse Wheel Up or Page Up Zoom out the game camera
Number Select group. Press twice to center on them
Print Scrn Take a screenshot of your game
Shift + Any Number Assign a unit to a group
Shift + Enter Send a message to all players in a game
Shift + Select Unit Add or remove a unit from the current selection
Spacebar Center on last notifications
Tab Switch between subgroups

You can also modify these hotkeys with your preferred choices. To do tbis, open up the main menu screen, click on the button with three lines in it on the lower right to open up the menu. Click on the input option, and at the bottom, you should be able to see the choice to preset your keybindings. You will have to add a file to your Warcraft 3 game called CustomKeys.txt under the CustomKeyBindings file.

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