All Battletoads Achievements

All Battletoads Achievements

Battletoads is a classic gaming franchise. What’s not something that was in the older game are Achievements. These relatively new inventions are there for the completionists among us, or just as a milestone tracker, for gamers that want them. And yes, there are a lot of Battletoads Achievements. Each one will award some small measure of points, and the Battletoads Achievements are the same across all platforms that support them.

    • Toads in a Hole: Complete Feed the Fantasy – 10 Points
    • Road Rash: Complete To the Queen – 10 points
    • Parks & Recreational Violence: Complete At the Carn-Evil – 10 points
    • Enough Toying Around: Complete So That’s How That Works – 10 points
    • Should Get the Pants First: Complete Time for Plan B – 30 points
    • Came, Sawed, Conquered: Complete Stumped – 15 points
    • Logged Out: Complete A Hard Axe to Follow – 15 points
    • A Test of Medal: Complete The Trials of Pummel Horse – 15 points
    • Jeff of a Sleighsman: Complete Mis-treatied – 30 points
    • We Were Provoked: Complete Spacebrawls – 15 points
    • Learning the Ropes: Complete We Go High – 15 points
    • STREET JUSTICE!: Complete Street Justice!: 15 points
    • Hiking With Friends: Complete Bigger Than It Looks – 15 points
    • Galaxy’s Most Wanted: Complete Most Unwanted – 15 points
    • A Mountain Sense of Unease: Complete Reaching the Peak – 15 points
    • With Friends Like These…: Complete A Rock and a Hard Place – 20 points
    • Rebooting Battletoads: Complete Emergency Stations – 40 points
    • Into the Third Dimension: Use your tongue to reach a new plane – 5 points
    • B-B-B-BLOCK BREAKER!!: Smash through 50 enemy block attempts – 15 points
    • You’re Dead, You Ding-Dongs!: Surrender to your arch-enemies – 20 points
    • Battlemaniacs: Defeat 100 enemies – 20 points
    • Special Effects: Use 200′ Toad abilities – 20 points
    • Mighty Morphing: Finish off 200 enemies with morph attacks – 20 points
    • Thoroughly Tested: Destroy 50 enemies in space combat – 20 points
    • It Begins…: Get your first collectable – 5 points
    • Scratching an Itch: Get all collectables in a level – 10 points
    • Making Progress: Get a total of 25 collectables – 15 points
    • I’ve Started So I’ll Finish: Get a total of 75 collectables – 30 points
    • Three Is the Magic Number: In 3P co-op, all three’ Toads attack the same enemy – 10 points

And don’t be confused, that’s not all. In addition to achievements you unlock simply by playing the game, there are other achievements that take a little work to unlock. In all you can earn 1,000 Points toward that vaunted Gamerscore of yours with this game.

  • Reviving a Classic: Revive another’ Toad during co-op play – 10 points
  • Not All Toads Are Equal: Earn a participation award in co-op – 10 points
  • Jeffortless: In 3P co-op, all ‘Toads grind a rail at the same time – 10 points
  • Hack-Door Shenanigans: Hack a door in co-op – 10 points
  • Live and Let Drive: In 3P co-op, stay alive on bikes together – for 300 seconds!: 20 points
  • Can’t Touch This: In co-op, complete Time for Plan B without taking a hit – 20 points
  • To Me, To You: In co-op, build up a 100-Hit combo – 20 points
  • Toad Cuddle!: Finish the game on ‘Battletoads’ difficulty – 30 points
  • Brawling… With Style!: Earn your first ‘S’ Rank from an encounter – 15 points
  • Straight-A Student: Earn 20 ‘A’ Ranks from encounters – 15 points
  • Dodgebrawl Champion: Finish a fight without taking damage – 5 points
  • Hey, This Is a Rental!: Score 75 near-misses while riding a rented turbo bike – 15 points
  • Photobombed: Take an enemy’s photo when it’s in warning distance – 15 points
  • Be Tight: Deal with your friends without any restarts – 20 points
  • Take This, Axeman!: Find a way to keep a Champion’s weapon stuck – 5 points
  • Toad It Off & On Again: Repair your ship without any reboots – 10 points
  • The Purge: Escape from a Topian in less than 4 minutes – 20 points
  • Warped Sense of Humor: Find the ‘Warp Wall’ while riding a turbo bike – 10 points
  • Dealt a Lucky Hand: Get a flawless victory in Toadshambo – 5 points
  • Not Just for the Holidays: Land a streak of 15 hits while destroying a totem – 15 points
  • The Dlala Code: Enter the Dlala Code. What could it be…?: 5 points
  • Blink and You’ll Miss It: Defeat 25 pink eyeballs during Time for Plan B – 10 points
  • Hit the Drop: Freefall more than 10 meters while escaping a Topian – 10 points
  • Extra Credit: Watch the credits! You know you want to – 5 points
  • Mementoads: Prop up the Jercurian tourism industry – 5 points
  • The Enema of my Enemy (Secret): Complete Gut Reaction – 14 points
  • Drawn Together, Tornado Apart (Secret): Complete Show’s Over – 15 points
  • Re-Cycled (Secret): Complete Nightmare Rider – 25 points
  • Never Did Get That Sandwich (Secret): Complete Dissed Topians – 50 Points
  • Pacifist (Secret): Survive the first space battle for 45 seconds without shooting – 125 points
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