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Agony Unrated announced, coming this Halloween

Agony Unrated is coming to PC

So it turns out that the previously cancelled Unrated version of the horror game for edgelords is back on. Madmind Studio has announced that Agony Unrated, a fully uncensored version of its controversial horror title, will launch on October 31.

‘Today, after a few months since the release of Agony, the deadline for contracts binding us has passed and we can share these details with you. At the moment, the PC is the only platform that gives us the freedom to create the world we’ve come up with,” said Madmind in reference to the plans.

Let’s just hope that this Unrated version makes the gameplay more interesting than a walking simulator covered in vaginas, insanity and blood. If you can’t tell, I’m not a fan of the game personally, but I digress. Agony Unrated will improve the graphical fidelity by increasing quality on the textures and models, as well as improved lighting. There will now be a minimap and world map built into the game, making navigation a bit easier.

In terms of actual content, all the cut or edited endings will be restored to their original form. A few gameplay segments that were cut due to being too over-the-top on violence and gore will be restored as well.

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Agony Unrated will not be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at least for now. There could be multiple reasons for this. Maybe Sony or Microsoft nixed approval for the more offensive version. Maybe Madmind just want to save money on development. After all, the original release of the patch that restored cut content was axed due to financial problems, stemming partly from poor sales.

Anyone who already purchased Agony will be able to get the Unrated version at 90% off of the normal $14.99 purchase price.

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