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A Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sequel could be in the works

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Disney’s push within the Star Wars brand has been broad and long-term. Of course a big part of that push is centered around the newly debuted Rise of Skywalker film that wraps up the current trilogy. And also, there’s been plenty of gaming tie-ins with that film and the wider brand. And with the biggest new AAA release, there’s been a major revival for story-driven and action-heavy video game feels. And the fusion of Star Wars and action storytelling is just wonderful in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been met with pretty solid feedback. The game’s various versions has a roughly 80% rating on MetaCritic. And now, new rumors suggest that the team behind the game is working on a new game in the universe. The game also recently got a patch, suggesting that Respawn is actively working to maintain the game and the wider brand.

For the sequel rumors, they come primarily from a new set of job postings. Three postings for a Senior Character ArtistLevel Designer, and Senior Software Engineer have appeared on Respawn’s site. The listings also point out that the team involved is heavily involved with the Star Wars brand and existing team. Finally, all but confirming the potential for a sequel, the listings describe the new project as a “third person action/adventure game.”

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Nothing official has been announced for a new Star Wars title, but that has not stopped fans from hoping for more from Respawn. Of course it’s possible any number of other studios could pick up the license and produce a new game. And of course, that new game doesn’t have to be a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But since the current licensing agreement is due to expire in 2023, there’s a very strong chance that the current team will be pumping out a least couple more games.

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