A Good Match – Destiny 2 Exotic Catalyst Guide

A Good Match

Getting your hands on Tommy’s Matchbook, the new Exotic Assault Rifle in Destiny 2, is not all that hard. But as with all weapons in this game, there are good and bad rolls attached. And with this particular weapon, the A Good Match Exotic Catalyst offers a huge buff. You can unlock the base weapon via the Banshee at the Tower to start the new quest. Once you have it unlocked, visit the Gunsmith to start the quest.

And yes, just like any other content in the game right now, you have to grind to unlock the modifier. The Catalyst increases your health gain while the weapon’s intrinsic perk, Ignition Trigger, is active, making you very tanky. For this task, you will need to complete three different goals by playing Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit, or in the Crucible. Those goals are:

  • Points Earned 0/100
  • Auto Rifle Combatant Multikills 0/200
  • Auto Rifle Guardian Deaths 0/100

The farming can take place in any of those listed PvE or PvP activities and zones. It’s not hard, just play the game. The amount of grinding will take a while though. So you can tune your setup to make farming go faster. The hardest part is probably the Multikills. These happen when you kill two or more enemies in rapid succession with the same weapon. You will get a small notification when this happens. Best to bring your most OP setups if you really want to speed this up.

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Crucible Wins, Gambit wins, and Legend or Master-tier Ordeal Nightfalls are the most challenging and fun way to farm the kills you need. Progress is only ever cumulative, so it takes a fair bit of work, but not as much if you lose matches.

So if you want to get in on the good stuff, best get going and start grinding.

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